Kybella And Its Side Effects

KybellaKybella is a deoxycholic acid that contains a cytolytic agent that is used to alter the appearance of severe to moderate convexity associated under the chin in adults. The most common side effects when using Kybella was pain at the injection site, redness, tingling, burning, itching, numbness and skin tightness. Some patients have also experienced high blood pressure, headaches, nausea, difficulty swallowing and mouth pain. Each single treatment of Kybella can consist of up to a total of 50 injections which is spaced at 1 centimeter apart. Treatments will be administered no less than one month apart over a 6 month period. If you are using other supplements or medications you need to notify your doctor prior to any Kybella treatments since Kybella can interact with your other drugs. If you are pregnant, Kybella should only be used if prescribed by your medical doctor. There are no studies done to this day if Kybella can pass into your breast milk. Consult with your physician before breastfeeding.

There are other reactions that you can experience from Kybella at the injection site. They include but are not limited to neck pain, lymphadenopathy, discoloration, urticaria and hemorrhage at the injection site.

Ken Landow, M.D says that some of the adverse reactions that lasted over 30 days and occurred in more than ten percent of the patients treated were twleve percent experienced injections site induration, fifteen percent had pain at the injections site, twenty two percent had swelling, and forty two percent experienced numbness at the injection area.

Kybella is a great option for women and men who want to reduce the fat associated under the chin. The treatment only takes about 10 to 15 minutes and you can return to your daily routine or work immediately. Results are usually visible within a few weeks of treatment.